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We are committed to safeguard your personal data. We provide engaging contents (not limited to articles) for users. Thus the security of your personal data is important to us. This privacy policy shows how we collect, hold, disclosure or process your personal data. Please read the following carefully as to understand our practices regarding the personal data.

What Personal Data We Collect

We collect various types of personal information through our website or various sources. We collect this information to better communicate with you, and here are the types of personal data we collect. a. Personal identifiable data (e.g. name, e-mail address). This personal data is used to identify, locate, or contact an individual user. b. Pseudonymous data (e.g. “user 000” ). The pseudonymous data is used to instead the true name of a person.

Use of Personal Data

We may use your personal data to provide your with higher-quality products and better customer services on the basis of the law. Our purposes includes but not limited to the following:

a. Verifying your identity before responding you feedback or queries, or offering you the best service;

b. Seeking for professional advice, legal or otherwise in order to provide the relevant services to you;

c. Investigating or addressing the claims, disputes or other complaints.

d. Ensuring good user experience, efficient technical support, and security of the service

Handling of Personal Data

Your personal data can only be accessed by the authorized staff. They are required to protect your personal data all the time abiding by the contractual responsibility.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We shall not send or sell any personal information of our clients to third parties. Your personal data will not be published or disclosure on our website or other platform.


The cookies are created when you are browsing the website. The Cookies keep you sign in, recommend you relevant content, as well as to enhance your experience. When you are browsing a website, cookies are accessed by the server to know your preferences, and you can view the website content more efficiently. Many browsers accept the cookies automatically. If you don’t want your cookies to be collected, you can refuse the cookies. But some features will not be available to you or some web pages of our website will not display properly.

Pixel Tags

A pixel tag (1*1 pixel) is a graphic that is loaded when the customer visits the web page. The tracking pixel is designed to be transparent and be invisible to users. The cookies and the pixel tags are used to monitor the users behavior on the website. You have the choice to disable the pixel tags, while it may limit some features on your use of the website.

IP Address

An internet protocol address is a numerical label assigned to connect a computer network. We only keep the IP address to provide the customer service.

How to Protect your personal data

a. Clear your history or browser cache after each browsing on your computer. You are strongly required to clear the browser’s disk cache after each visit on our website.

b. If you want to visit our website, you can enter the website address directly on the browser address bar.

c. Be aware of the spyware which may track your internet session or acquire your personal data and the browsing history.

d. Make sure the anti-virus and firewall software installed on your personal computer. Ensure that you have installed the newest operating system on your computer.

e. Be aware of the email frauds and delete the junk emails regularly.

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